Who can request connection services

Search and Connection Service are available if your adoption was arranged by The Cradle and:

  • You are a birth parent
  • You are an adopted person age 21 or older
  • You are the adoptive parent of an adopted person under the age of 21
  • You are an adult child (21 or older) of a deceased adopted person
  • You are a spouse of a deceased adopted person with a minor child
  • You are a sister or brother of a deceased birth parent
  • You are the birth sibling over the age of 21 of a person that was adopted AND a common birth parent is deceased

Schedule an Informational Consultation/Search and Connection Services 


Because I’ve been involved in so many of these connections, I can help you, before we get into this, really think about what to expect. What can you anticipate? Certainly there’s a bell curve, and then there’s everything in between. And because I’ve had so many, and witnessed and been involved in so many connections, I can tell you what’s typical, what’s not typical; what some of the people that have worked with me, what they have shared, whether it’s the searcher or person who’s been found and what that means to them. And hopefully that can help you decide what the best choice for you is to move forward and get an idea for what that might be like for you, and what to expect in the process.