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A New Room for Play Therapy

  • Center for Lifelong Adoption Support

  • Center for Lifelong Adoption Support

Children’s natural language is play, so it makes sense to have a therapeutic space where they can work through emotional and behavioral needs, as well as trauma. While The Cradle currently has a suite of three therapy rooms, they are small, and we have few games, toys or art materials to use for therapeutically engaging our younger clients.  

Cradle therapists felt that we needed a space where children could explore thoughts and emotions in a different way. Non-directive (or child-centered) play therapy is a counseling method used to help children communicate their inner experiences through the use of toys and play. Children direct their own process rather than the therapist imposing their own ideas of what the child needs to do. In essence, the therapist enters the emotional world of the child.

To that end, we are transforming a roomy classroom on The Cradle’s lower level and plan to stock it with a full battery of toys and art supplies. For children with sensory processing needs, the larger space will allow for greater movement. Volunteers are painting the room and donating rugs.

Our budget for purchasing supplies is small, so we would greatly appreciate the donation of items on our Amazon wish list. There are so many fun things to choose from, such as jumbo building blocks, a kitchen playset, hand puppets, doll families and more! Most importantly, these items will help kids work through some tough challenges. 

To donate items for our new Play Therapy Room, please visit our wish list here. Thank you!