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May 23,2017
We are sharing this information on behalf of the North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC):
May 17,2017
Save the Date for the annual Walk for Adoption Chicago! Saturday, September 30, 2017
May 05,2017
YMCA Camp Minikani | September 2 - 4, 2017
May 05,2017
Last year, Cradle staff members hosted a discussion group for birth mothers. We got to know each woman and learn about their unique adoption journey. As what typically happens when a group of amazing, intelligent women get together, important conversation flowed freely. We learned a lot from these incredible mothers, and we think you can, too. 
March 10,2017
In 2014, I walked into my position as a work-study intern for The Cradle completely new to the whole “adoption thing.” When I thought of adoption, I pictured families journeying to far-off countries to bring their children home, or young adults searching for birth parents who have been absent their whole lives. About certain aspects I wasn’t far off.
adoption advice and guidance
February 10,2017
NBC’s This Is Us contains one of the most poignant adoption stories to hit TV. It is real and raw, not idealized. The weekly one-hour dramedy depicts the complexity of adoption, with all its beauty, hardships and confusing emotions.
adoption advice and guidance
January 19,2017
It's that time of year. You've nailed down your routine and life starts to fall into that wintertime rut. For parents and children alike this often means boredom, restlessness and mood fluctuations. To help keep you and your children from going stir-crazy, we've compiled a list of ten fun and engaging activities.
Kim Perez, Cradle CEO
January 17,2017
Happy New Year to all of our Cradle families and friends!