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Choosing an adoption agency is an important and sometimes difficult decision. You want to rely upon someone to carefully guide you through your options as well as the process. You need to partner with someone you can trust.

At The Cradle you will find a wealth of experience and compassion. With our advice and assistance, you will be supported through every step of the adoption process. Your counselor will serve as your advocate and guide throughout your home study, educational workshops, and placement.

We believe keeping adoptive parents informed throughout the entire adoptive process helps them make the best decisions. So whether you ultimately choose domestic or international adoption, The Cradle can help your dream of a family become a reality.

The Cradle provides information to assist families through the adoption process including home studies for prospective adoptive families living in Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, and Will counties in Illinois.

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To learn more about your rights as a prospective adoptive parent in the State of Illinois and the policies of The Cradle, please click on the links below.

Adoptive Parents' Rights and Responsibilities in Illinois (CF403D)

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Meet Marc: A prospective adoptive parent's first contact with The Cradle

Video Transcript

Slide: Meet Marc. A prospective adoptive parent's first contact with The Cradle

Marc: Families have a lot of questions as they start the adoption process. The unfortunate thing is there is so much information out there so answers are so readily available and they're not always accurate. Probably the most common questions that I hear are "how do I get started?" "what is this whole adoption thing about?" and "what does this process look like?" and then "how long is it going to take?"

Slide: How do I get started?

Marc: The first step here at The Cradle we offer an informational meeting for families. We have a general meeting that we put together where we spend a little bit of time talking both international and domestic options that we offer.We'll talk a little bit about the idea of what it means to become a parent through adoption. We'll talk about the process in quite a bit of detail. There's a home study process that has to be completed so we'll talk about that. And then we'll share a little bit about who we are as an agency and our philosophies on adoption as well.

Slide: How long will it take?

Marc: Ultimately the way our program works is we provide home study service, we prepare families through this homestudy process. We educate you, we license you, and then we present you to expectant parents that we are working with. But those expectant parents that come to us planning for their child that they're pregnant with, they end up choosing the family that they want to be parents for this child. So time frames in our process, our program, are all dependent on being chosen. And for some families that happens pretty quickly. Literally within days we get families chosen sometimes. But we've also had families wait years in our program. So it's a really unpredictable experience.

Slide: Is this a legally secure process?

Marc: In the state of Illinois the law is very specific around the surrender of parental rights, and so the birth mother has to wait at least three days before she can surrender her rights as a parent to a child. But once that decision is made, once that surrender is secured, it can't be changed.

Slide: The biggest challenge...

Marc: I think one of my biggest challenges is trying to convey the realities of adoption and what those are but then also giving families hope that it could still happen, that ultimately they will be parents. For those famillies that complete our home study process, the families who at the end of day their counselor approves them to be parents through adoption without any reservations, for those families there will be a child at the end of the journey. I think that is so important for families to hold on to. 

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