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Michelle & Mike


We are Mike and Michelle and we're hoping to grow our family again, through adoption.

We do not pretend to understand how difficult this emotional time is for you and we wish you well as you explore your options. We are humbled that you have taken the time to review our profile. Our hope is that we will give you a glimpse of the life your child will be welcomed into. 

We've always known that we were meant to be parents. And in 2019, that dream was realized when we adopted our sweet baby girl Mackenzie. She taught us what it means to be parents, and she has opened our hearts in so many ways. And now, we'd love nothing more than to meet the next member of our family. (Plus, Mackenzie can't WAIT to be a big sister!) 

We want you to know that we are very excited and are 100% committed to being parents again. We are dedicated to providing a safe, happy home and a life filled with opportunities for the child that is meant to be in our family. We are proud and happy about the life we share and want so much to grow our family.

Our Story

We both grew up in Tinley Park, a south suburb of Chicago. We did not know each other growing up, even though we only lived miles apart. We finally met in 2003. Michelle took a part time job at a local auto shop where Mike was working. What started out as a working relationship grew into much more. As our lives progressed, our friendship did as well, leading to a loving relationship. As we were dating, we talked about our future dreams together which included our desire to create a family together. We both had the same dreams for our lives and were married in 2012.

For more information, search “Mike & Michelle: Hoping to adopt” on Facebook.

Mike, According to Michelle

Mike is a hands-on husband and father who enjoys tinkering with projects around the house and thinking outside of the box. He is supportive and loyal to his family and friends without ever expecting anything in return. Mike is very calm and has a great sense of humor that helps balance out stressful situations. Mike works at an auto shop as a service manager where his work and passion for cars come together. He enjoys bike rides, hiking with Mackenzie on his back, boating in the summer, grilling, watching action movies, and taking pride in caring for our home and yard.

When we first started dating, I always knew Mike would be a wonderful dad. I saw firsthand how great of an Uncle he was with our nieces and nephews. I was always so impressed by how he interacted with them and how kids have always been fascinated with his humor and playfulness. But now I know I could not have been more right! I see proof of that every day in his relationship with Mackenzie. He was a natural from the very beginning and has brought patience and calm to having a newborn. Mike now brings an endless sense of fun, belly laughs, and more patience to having a toddler. The happiness I see from Mike as a father is unlike any happiness, I've ever seen from him.

Michelle, According to Mike

Michelle is very caring and compassionate in all aspects of her life, especially in her career as a registered nurse. When she is not working, Michelle enjoys making different crafts, cooking and baking, connecting with others, being active, reading, and capturing memories by taking lots of pictures. I like that she incorporates her artistic talent by making things for our home or planning out our next home project. One of my favorite qualities is her self-belief and confidence in herself. She's not afraid to embarrass herself in front of others or take risks which might be difficult to achieve. What attracted me most to Michelle was her resilience and her personal strength. No matter what life throws at her, she finds a way to become stronger because of it.

Michelle is an incredible, supportive, and loving mother.  She is fun and goofy with Mackenzie and always brainstorming the next craft or activity she can do with her. She is often reading up and asking other parents, getting the scoop on what we should be doing to prepare for the next phase in Mackenzie's upbringing. Her happy-go-lucky attitude rubs off on me and Mackenzie all the time, making our household feel like home.


In 2019, we were so blessed to have been chosen by Mackenzie's birthparents to be her mom and dad. We fell in love with Mackenzie as soon as we saw her. Mackenzie was adopted through The Cradle in November 2019. She is so smart, funny and adorable. She fills our home with so much joy and our hearts full of love.

Our goal is for our children to develop a healthy identity and understanding of their adoptions. We talk to Mackenzie about her birth family regularly and have a picture of them in her room. She can point her birth mom and birth dad out in pictures.

Fun & Traditions

We enjoy spending time together as a family and make time together a priority. We have a love for traveling and exploring new towns, trying new restaurants, being outdoors and going on hikes and walks, and hanging out with family and friends. We love having game nights, watching movies, and going to concerts. By far, our favorite moments are spent at home, playing, talking and laughing.

We were so happy this year to add to our traditions as we added a child into our family. We enjoy play dates, finger-painting, building sandcastles, visiting pumpkin patches, apple orchards, zoos, story times, and viewing Christmas lights with our nieces and nephews.

Family and Friends

Family is very important to us, and we get together all the time. From summer weekends spent at Mike's dad's lake house, to regular family get togethers just because and crowded family living rooms spent together during the holidays. Our future child will be loved by every single one of them. Our families all live within 20 minutes of us, so it makes spontaneous trips over nice and easy. Both sides of our families are excited for us to welcome another child into the family through adoption.

We have wonderful friends and a great support system. Some we have known since we were little, some from school, some from work, and a lot of close neighbors. We share many of the same interests such as cooking meals together, playing games, and having deep conversations. All of them add to the loving support our future child will have. They are just as eager as we are to welcome the next member of our family!

Our Thoughts on Open Adoption

We are dedicated to maintaining an open adoption with Mackenzie's birth family and communicate with them regularly via text, Facebook, email, and visits. Her first family will always be an important part of her story.

While maintaining communication and visits is our desire, we are ready to be flexible based on your needs and wants, which we know may change for you over time. If you need more time, we will send updates to The Cradle until you are ready. No matter what kind of relationship you want, we will respect it and love you unconditionally.

We hope that you will agree, in some way, to share this journey with us.

Thank You

Thank you so very much for taking the time to look through our short profile and to learn what life would be like with our family. We hope that you have gotten to know a little bit about us as you consider your next steps.

May you find comfort and support while you make these important decisions. We pray that you will be filled with peace in whatever decision you make. If you have any questions about us, we welcome the opportunity to chat!

Fun Facts

  • Played the clarinet in the school band for eight years.
  • I was in a cake contest in first grade and was disqualified. The cake was so good and the judges didn’t believe I made it on my own!
  • If I could live in any period of history it would be the 50’s. There has always been something about the iconic idea of the 50’s that I’ve longed for – the poodle skirts, soda shops, and drive in movie theaters.
  • Favorite time of the year. There is something special about Fall- the change of hot weather to cooler nights, the changing trees, apple picking, picking out our pumpkins at the local farm stand, and making homemade soups.
  • Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip.
  • Favorite movie(s): Save The Last Dance, My Girl, and The Lion King.
  • Favorite foods: Pizza, steak, tacos, and pasta.
  • If I could live in any period of history it would be way into the future in like year 20,000…anything could happen then. It would be interesting to see if we would have flying cars or jet packs, and to see where technology will take us.
  • Favorite time of the year: Summer time! The sun, boating, swimming and being on the lake and having downtime with family and friends.
  • Favorite dessert: Homemade Tiramisu made by Michelle’s mom.
  • Favorite ice cream flavor: Chocolate chip cookie dough.
  • Favorite movie(s): The Mighty Ducks and The Fast and Furious series.
  • Favorite foods: BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, Cheese and Sausage Pizza, Chicken Alfredo, any type of fish.
  • Favorite tradition: Driving around and looking at Christmas lights drinking hot chocolate with Christmas music on in the background.

"Michelle & Mike" Family Photos

  • Waiting for my forever friend to play with me.
  • We love to go on lots of walks on the local trails.
  • Brookfield Zoo lights with Michelle’s parents.
  • Enjoying a crawfish boil with Mike’s family on a summer night.
  • Every year we go apple picking and come home to make apple pancakes.
  • We love to spend time on the water at our lake house.
  • Trick or treating with our friend’s triplets.
  • Our nieces and nephew can’t wait for our future child to be added to the cousin crew.
  • Checking out the towns Christmas lights.
  • Feeding the giraffes at the zoo
  • Finn is the best big brother to Mackenzie!
  • Celebrating the 4th of July with family
  • Welcoming Mackenzie home from The Cradle
  • We gathered with Mike’s family for a BBQ and games
  • Having fun at our neighborhoods holiday party
  • Kayaking on the lake
  • Hanging out with Michelle’s sister Alyssa and her husband Nick
  • We made artwork to send on birthmother’s day.
  • Twinning!

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