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Khalelah & Akobe

Hello! We are Khalelah, Akobe and Anye.

The courageous decision you are making speaks volumes to the person that you are. We cannot pretend to know what this experience is like for you, but we can, however, relate to making difficult decisions out of pure love for someone else. We are truly thankful that you’ve taken this step to learn a bit about our family. We are sincerely grateful for the possible opportunity to adopt and unconditionally love your child. We hope that our profile gives you a glimpse into our hearts, our lives . . . our story.

Our Hearts Are Open To You 
We feel deeply that your relationship with both your child and us beyond the adoption process can and should exist at whatever level of openness you desire. Thankfully, there’s a range of options and possibilities that we can explore to find what’s best for surrounding this child with the love, security, and opportunity that they deserve.

Our Story

How Two Became Three

We met July 4th weekend in 2008, and sparks flew when the DJ played a reggae set, and we practically danced a hole into the floor! Fast-forward through several years that were filled with growth, adventure, and more laughter than we could stand, and you’ll find us happily headed down the aisle to become husband and wife in 2013.

We always knew that we wanted to be parents, so even as newlyweds, we were eager to begin trying to have children. After much prayer, our amazing son, Anye, was born in 2016. He has been a lively addition to our fun-filled family. Our wish is for Anye to grow up with siblings – just as we both did. God has spoken to our hearts, and we know that we are being called to adopt a child and to love them just as we love Anye. 

Meet Khalelah 

I was raised in a suburb of Cincinnati, OH. With two hard-working parents, five daughters (yes, FIVE), and a revolving door of houseguests, our small home was always buzzing. Family, education, culture and fun were most valued in our household. As a teenager, I helped with my family’s’ business, and this led me to ultimately study business in college and to later earn a master’s degree in business as well. I’m blessed to have had a great career working in product and customer strategy within the airline and retail industries.

In my free time, you’re likely to find me either bargain hunting, experimenting with my hair, or hanging with friends. But undoubtedly, what I prioritize most are my roles as wife and mother. Each day I strive to be my husband’s best friend and number one fan, and my son’s safe place and life guide. Being able to pour my love into my family is my most cherished blessing.

Meet Akobe

Most people describe me as easygoing, patient and a good listener. I’m convinced these traits are associated with me being born on the relaxed Caribbean island of Trinidad. I’m the eldest of 4 boys, and both of my parents were ministers. Our family moved to Brooklyn, NY when I was 2 years old and even in tough times, we still felt extremely blessed in having so much faith, love, and support between us.

As an adolescent, I was fortunate to be admitted to an educational program that opened the door to opportunities like attending a great college. Through my career journey in finance, I found a way to combine my job with my personal values. I now work for a private foundation doing socially responsible investing using monetary means to make a positive difference in Chicago and beyond.

Now that I am a husband and father, Khalelah and Anye are the absolute best parts of my life. I’m thrilled to watch Anye learn and take in the world. In so many ways, he’s already a much better version of me!

Meet Anye

If you’re interested in knowing which planets orbit the fastest, what the hottest new joke is, or how many kisses you can get in 30 seconds, then Anye is your guy! He’s an old soul – evident by his shared love with Mom and Dad of the Golden Girls tv show. Anye is exceptionally smart with an incredible memory. He could read at 2-years-old and do multiplication by age 3. He also loves his toy cars and figurines, devours chocolate and hates most vegetables. 

Anye is affectionate and caring and prides himself on being helpful. He’s a social butterfly with a sense of humor that’s surprisingly spot-on. Making people laugh is totally his thing. But there’s nothing Anye is more excited about than becoming a big brother. He frequently asks when he can “get” a brother or sister because he wants to help take care of them. We have no doubt that Anye will be an excellent big bro.

Adventure Seekers

Travel is our families’ favorite activity! Before becoming parents, we were fortunate to explore lots of exciting destinations – from the deserts of Dubai to the ancient ruins of Rome. When Anye came along, we were determined not to let parenthood stop us from doing what we loved. So, we quickly learned to travel as a family. Amazingly, Anye has already been on over 40 trips and visited 13 states and 6 countries, including Cuba and England!

Cultural and physical activities are big interests of ours as well. We enjoy music and arts, festivals, zoos and museums. We’re regulars at neighborhood parks where Anye loves to run around the playgrounds, go sledding, and take bike and scooter rides. We enjoy bowling and skating, and most weekends you can find us at the library learning something new.

No Place Like Home

We live in River Forest, just west of Chicago. Our home is very comfortable, with multiple gathering spaces and a basement that has become quite the playroom. Our large kitchen is the stage for preparing many types of cuisines, as well as Anye’s favorites, pb&j and mac & cheese!

Our neighborhood has tons of amenities, including parks with pools, ice rinks, tennis courts and soccer fields. The local school district is ranked among the top in Illinois, and both the nearby in-home daycare and Spanish Immersion Montessori preschool that Anye's attended are phenomenal. We are excited about the opportunity to share our home and community with another child.

Our Village

Our extended family is definitely looking forward to growing. With Anye being the only grandchild on both sides of our families, there is an undeniable need for another little one for them to shower with all their love. We are very close to everyone and see them often. A good portion of our travel is to visit family. We spend Christmases in Virginia enjoying time with Khalelah’s family, and we even visit Akobe’s family in both Trinidad and London.

Family is awesome, but for us, friends are just as important. Our local network includes many close friends with young families. We belong to an amazing church congregation that provides support and wonderful children's programs like choir, golf, and junior ushers. Our family and friends are so supportive, and cannot wait to love our new child just as they love Anye.   

Our Sincerest Thank You

The words ‘Thank You’ are not profound enough to express how grateful we are for the time you have taken to read about us. Most of all, we want you to know that, along with our family and friends, we will love and care for your child unconditionally. We promise to devote our lives to providing for them and supporting them in all they do. No matter what you decide, we pray for your strength, courage and peace.

Fun Facts

  • I am the tallest person in my immediate family, including my father.
  • I’m a foodie and a picky eater at the same time. I’ve eaten exotic foods around the world but I randomly don’t like any cheese on pizza.
  • I have over 80 first cousins.
  • I ran a red light while taking a driver’s test. Who does that?!
  • I partially paid my way through college by working as a DJ.
  • I have a remarkable knack for finding money lying on the street.
  • As a teenager, I snuck into an awards banquet to meet Michael Jordan.
  • I’m a documentary and Spike Lee movie enthusiast.

"Khalelah & Akobe " Family Photos

  • Anye is always full of joy
  • Feeling blessed
  • Celebrating with U.S. and Trinidadian flags at our wedding reception
  • Girlfriends trip - Hilton Head, SC
  • Underwater scooters - Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Playdate at our community ice rink
  • Family and friends gathered for Anye's baptism
  • Keeping cool at our neighborhood splash-pad
  • Akobe's 40th birthday
  • Exploring starfish at the Shedd Aquarium
  • Family reunion that we hosted here in Chicago
  • Rollerskating through the neighborhood
  • Visiting family in London, England
  • Akobe's leadership program graduation
  • Enjoying a classic car ride - Havana, Cuba
  • Snow tubing at our neighborhood sledding hill
  • Date night at a charity gala
  • Having a blast in the desert - Dubai, UAE
  • Baking with Grandma
  • Adorable daycare friends

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