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Josh & Ryan

Hi, we’re Josh and Ryan!

As we sit in our living room, struggling to pick out photos and words to tell you who we are, we realize you’re probably sitting somewhere wrestling with questions of your own. So please let us just start by saying this:

We have always known - 100% without a doubt - that we are meant to be dads.

It’s a huge reason we fell in love and got married. But we can’t do this on our own, and like you, we’ve found ourselves at a turning point. So we’re turning to you... and we hope you’ll do the same. If you’re looking for a real connection, or a sign that it might be the right fit; the cosmic “okay” to begin building something special, then please...

Read On! :)

Our Story

What will make a connection? Maybe it’ll be a photo of our sweet girl Piper, our pup Mason, or Josh’s endorsement of Ryan’s homemade pizzas. Or the fact that we both wear glasses. Who knows? One thing’s for sure though: we will love any child who comes into our life with our whole hearts and every little bit of our being. We know that together, with you, we can make the best possible life for our future child.


About Us

We met the old-fashioned way… on :) We’re both “the family type” and prefer a night watching movies to bars and clubs. So in 2009, at the suggestion of family and friends, we each joined the pool of millions searching for someone online. A few photos, a “wink” and some small talk later, we met up and have been together ever since!

Josh Describes Ryan

Even before Ryan grew what we affectionately call his "dad beard," I knew that he would be the most amazing parent. Ryan is like a gentleman from a different era. He's neighborly. He's the guy who will help anyone with anything at any time. He lends a hand whenever needed and never feels awkward asking others to get involved or lend a hand as well. He's incredibly giving, trusting, earnest, honest, and kind. And he is the Best. Dad. Ever.

He's so great with kids. From his 8 years as a camp counselor to his time teaching middle school, Ryan's been around kids all his life and it shows in the caring, consistent approach he has as a dad. He's gentle, loving and funny and has the world's biggest heart. I knew it from the moment I first saw him with our nephews... Ryan is an amazing father!

Ryan Describes Josh

Josh makes my life a million times better. He's like a sweet and spicy blend of cinnamon and sugar, brightening everything up when he sings (which is all the time...everywhere). If Josh could have his way, life would be a musical. He's the kind of friend who'll stay up all night to make treats for your fundraiser. And the kind of husband who'll offer a patient ear and encouragement after a stressful day. He holds our house together, working hard to provide a love-filled home, with plenty of homemade cookies and other tasty treats to go around.

Josh is an amazing father. He is incredibly loving and protective. There's nothing he won't do for his kids. He'll sit with our daughter and read book after book. He'll kiss away any tear or knee scrape. He'll stay up all night with you when you're sick. He makes sure there's an endless amount of love and laughter by weaving tons of family and friends into every single day. And he does all these things with so much joy for life and so many smiles that there's no doubt in my mind that he is, and will continue to be, the best father any child would be lucky enough to call Daddy.

Her Daddies Describe Piper

Because we've always known we're meant to be dads, there was never any question about whether to have kids... only the question of how. In 2016, we were so, so lucky to have been chosen by Piper's birthparents to be her family! Since then, she has kept our house full of laughter and our hearts full of love. She's an amazing kid and will make the best big sister ever!

Piper is fun, kind, smart as a whip and a very loving little person. She'll carry 10 books to you, crawl in your lap and read them all with you one by one. She loves animals (her favorite thing in the world is our dog Mason), playing, coloring, bubbles, sliding, climbing, swinging, helping her dads and music. She'll sing and dance with the best of them. She's usually very friendly and excited to meet new people, but she gets very quiet and serious when she's unsure about a new situation. One thing she IS sure about? Babies! She LOVES them and can't wait to be a big sister! (We've been reading the book "Big Sister Sarah" nonstop!)

A Focus on Family, Friends and Tender Traditions

We both come from big families. Our childhoods were filled with dozens of cousins, aunts and uncles gathering together in crowded living rooms for special events. Family is very important to us, and we get together all the time to celebrate birthdays, go out to dinner or just hang out. :) Our child will be welcomed and loved by every last one of them!

We also have a great group of friends - from Wisconsin to Indiana and all across the country. Some, we've known and kept since we were little, some from college, some from work, and some close neighbors. All of them add to the wonderful and loving support network we enjoy at home. They're as eager as we are to embrace and welcome the next member of our family!

The love we hope to give our future child shows itself through a warm feeling of home and the cherished traditions we grew up with. Many of these traditions we learned from our parents and hope to carry on to our children. And while Ryan’s mom passed away from lung cancer in the Fall of 2014, it’s become ever more important to us to carry on those things she taught Ryan: making biscuits and gravy, gardening, canning pickles. Little things like these help keep her alive in our hearts.

We both share a love for all-things homemade: baking bread from scratch, preserving produce from the garden, making our own soap. These activities are important to us because they speak to something real and authentic. They remind us to savor the moment, and to put down roots; to pass along and to share the warmest memories that keep loved-ones alive. It says it all right there in the word itself. With homemade, home comes first.

In the Family Photos Page, you’ll see some photos of us, our family and some of those traditions that have become a part of the fabric of our lives.

Thank You!

Thank you so very, very much for taking your time to look through our profile. We hope it has helped you get to know us better as you consider your next steps. Whatever choice you make, please know that we wish you strength and peace and we hope, if it's meant to be, that our paths cross again.

With Love,

Fun Facts

  • "Got the music in him" and can always be heard singing or dancing around the house (or anywhere else... ha)
  • Loves making things from scratch: homemade soaps, jams, cookies, cakes, pies and ice cream
  • Has officiated three friends' weddings 
  • Still hopes his childhood Furbys and Beanie Babies will one day be worth something (fingers crossed!) :)
  • Learning how to raise bees so he can harvest homegrown honey
  • Raised chickens as a kid but thought they were a biiiit mean
  • Favorite book: To Kill a Mockingbird; Favorite book series: Harry Potter
  • Has acted in over 100 theater performances and shows 
  • Loves painting, design, and creating family cards, invitations and artwork 
  • Popcorn fanatic (!!!)
  • Totally addicted to Ketchup...he's even made his own
  • Has a twin sister Rachel (no special twin powers as of yet)
  • Dreams of visiting every National Park
  • Not the best swimmer (he sinks like a stone)
  • Makes homemade maple syrup every year with his cousins (but still likes ketchup better)
  • Loves gardening and planted 13 fruit trees in our home backyard (apples, pears, cherry, peach, plums, figs and paw paws).
  • Has fun cooking and making homemade pizzas every week
  • Loves spooky stories, especially those by Stephen King. In fact, Ryan used to go "ghost-hunting" with friends when he was younger.
  • Had a speech impediment as a child- couldn't pronounce R's or Th's 
  • Enjoys bike-riding, and rides his bike to work whenever he can
  • Favorite foods are Italian (yay pizza!), and Middle Eastern. 

"Josh & Ryan" Video

"Josh & Ryan" Family Photos

  • Our truest selves. :)
  • Josh and Ryan celebrating our wedding anniversary with a round of mini-golf!
  • Piper and a buddy looking super cool on our front porch. ;)
  • Piper helping Ryan pick tomatoes from our garden.
  • On our way to an “old-timey” baseball game with our nephews Max and Myles.
  • Josh and Piper sneaking some popcorn and a break on a walk downtown. :)
  • Ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s headquarters in Vermont (part of our honeymoon road-trip)!
  • Our pup, Mason. He’s super sweet, really smart and great with kids.
  • Ryan’s extended family (by color) surrounding his grandparents. They’re wearing the tie-dye!
  • Some of our awesome family and friends celebrating Piper’s 1st birthday! Woot Woot!
  • Our favorite family Halloween costume… Bert, Ernie and Rubber Ducky. :)
  • Ryan tapping maple trees with his cousin Erin to make syrup….a new family tradition.
  • Our tradition of Family Bingo is something we always look forward to. We all bring prizes and leave winners. :)
  • Josh and his friend Raegan at the Fall Festival picking out Halloween pumpkins.
  • A family selfie before grabbing Sunday morning breakfast.
  • Piper with her neighbor / best bud Rudy at their favorite playground. :)

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