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Angela & Justin

Hi! We are Angela and Justin. And Lucy the Dog, too. We have a lot of love to give, laughs to share, and moments to cherish. Thank you for getting to know a bit about us! We wish you peace now and always.

Our Story

About Us

We are a fun-loving couple living in Chicago with our dog Lucy, who adorably sleeps soundly on her back with her paws straight up in the air. We met in social work graduate school and have been married for 10 years. We’ve filled the years with a lot of travel, humor, music and unconditional love. Justin is passionate about his work as a therapist and Angela is honored to work with pediatricians in international child health. We love living in the city, in a vibrant and kid-approved neighborhood filled with parks and good schools.


We are excited to grow our family and share our warmth, care, and love. We value spirituality and practice kindness while believing in trust, openness, and being genuine—we want our family to have fun and experience love from all directions. We are transparent in the adoption process and we are committed to that as we grow our family. We are open to visits, sharing emails, exchanging photos and all forms of communication that creates involvement with you. We will respect your decision on the amount of involvement you would like to have, and we want you to know that you will always be a special and important member of our family. 

​Unconditional Love

We have known for many years that we want to be parents. We are so excited to shower a child with love and provide a warm and supportive environment for our family to grow and enjoy life together. We are confident that we can provide consistent guidance through life decisions and adjustments with unconditional love and care. And we will have fun, laughter, travel, and music to keep us in our groove as a family. Our aim as parents is simple: Love, Support, and Joy!

Fun Facts

  • Lived in 5 states (New Jersey, California, Missouri, New York, Louisiana) before finding my forever home in Chicago

  • Charmingly says ‘buggy’ instead of ‘grocery cart’ for reasons unknown

  • Enjoys a good poker game, using the solid card playing skills my grandmother from Queens, New York taught me

  • Has played the cello since childhood

  • Never had a cavity despite all of that cookie dough ice cream

  • Secret Talent: Can whip up a delicious (and nutritious) meal with limited items in the refrigerator and without a recipe...and somehow also make it look gourmet on the plate 

  • At 6 feet, I’m usually the tallest girl in the room...and yes, I’d be happy to grab that thing off the shelf for you. :)

  • Uncontrollable joyful squealing upon sight of any and all puppies...fair warning to all human ears within a 1 mile radius.

  • Incapable of saying no to an Everything Bagel with cream cheese at any hour of the day or night 

  • Forever fan of Saturday Night Live, even through the bad seasons; one of my favorite things about living in Chicago is the access to improv and stand-up comedy shows

  • Went on a one month backpacking tour of New Zealand and hiked up a volcano (that erupted several years later—timing is everything!)

  • Secret Talent: Parallel parking 

"Angela & Justin" Family Photos

  • We spend Thanksgiving with Justin’s side of the family, which always includes a treasure hunt for all the kids.
  • We spend Christmas with Ange’s family and play board games, bake cookies, and have lots of fun!
  • Uncle Justin learning the art of thumb wars
  • Striking a pose with Aunt Ange
  • We love playing cards and board games with our nieces and nephews.
  • Fetch fun at the dog beach
  • We love to travel! This winter, we went to Japan and discovered a magical snow lantern festival.
  • We have so much fun with our nieces and nephews!
  • Peace, Uncle Justin!
  • Lifelong friends are like family to us and we get together for annual camping trips, birthdays, and holiday celebrations.
  • We love new adventures, especially in the outdoors - sea kayaking in Norway was FUN!
  • Snuggle time with our nieces!
  • Good times with family every holiday!
  • We all made it to the top on our family hike!
  • Our parents inspire us to discover new places and enjoy every moment we get together.
  • Spending time with our nieces and nephews is always a blast!

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