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Allie & Kevin

Hello, We are Kevin and Allie and we thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family. We are so excited to be adopting and bringing a child into our family! We hope our story will help you in making your choice. Please know that no matter what you choose, we wish you and your child all the best. We cannot imagine the uncertainty and confusion you are going through, but we hope our profile book can provide you a bit of warmth and hope at this time.

Our Story

Like many people these days, we met on a dating app back in January 2018. We immediately connected over our love of baseball (White Sox for Kevin and Cubs for Allie). Kevin grew up in the northern suburbs and Allie grew up on the northside of Chicago. A year and a half later, we tied the knot. Although we always knew we wanted to build a family together, the adoption process became our focus when Allie was treated for breast cancer in the fall of 2019. For someone to get cancer is hard for anyone. For us, we knew this closed the door on having biological children. Adoption is close to home for Allie since her mom was adopted as an infant. This was during a time when open adoption and discussing one’s adoption story was not widely accepted so Allie’s mom’s history was not openly discussed when she was growing up. Allie’s mom doesn’t have any answers about her health, her family history, or information about her biological family. Allie is very close with her mom, and knows this has been very hard. Her mom is Asian American and as a minority growing up in a small town in Illinois, she struggled with her identity within a mainly white community. Allie's mom’s experience has further ingrained the importance of an open adoption, maintaining a diverse community, and always telling our child about their adoption story. Allie’s made a complete recovery from breast cancer, and we are excited to officially start the adoption process. Adoption gives us the opportunity to expand our family and grow as parents.

About Kevin

Kevin is a loving husband and devoted dog dad. When I first met Kevin, it was his close relationship with his family that solidified knowing he was the one. When we first met, Kevin had just moved back to the Chicago area from DC to start grad school. One of the reasons he chose a Chicago area school was to be closer to home and his folks. I am very close with both my parents who live less than a mile from us and spending time with them is very important to me. Kevin is passionate about his hobbies that include playing the trumpet, running (he was captain of his high school cross country team), cooking (especially Asian recipes that include rice), and volunteering (he is on the board of an organization that provides clean water and sanitation in developing countries). For me, going through my cancer journey at such a young age forced us to save money for my health expenses, and dig deep in our marriage. We’ve had a really challenging year, and I’ve been so grateful to have Kevin by my side through it all. Kevin always marched to a different tune, quite literally in some ways.

About Allie

I have been so blessed to meet this wonderful woman who is my best friend. Being a best friend comes from Allie’s appreciation for my silly faces, mixed with her delicious pies. Whimsical in her cheerful spirit, yet tactical in her baking methodology, Allie has spent years refining her baked goods galore with Red Hound Pie. As a young girl, Allie grew up yards away from Lake Michigan, and developed a love for animals at the zoo and volunteering at local animal shelters. For her, there was no greater joy than taking care of the world's most vulnerable and dependent animals, and that brought her to veterinary medicine where she worked as a veterinary technician at a small animal hospital in Lincoln Park taking care of dogs and cats. Yet, it was her dog Red Dog that opened her horizons to volunteering with SitStayRead, eventually connecting Allie to family philanthropy where she has been working for the past three years.

About Duncan

Duncan is our 2 year old rescue lab mix. He came from a kill shelter in Houston and is the sweetest pup. He loves all people and especially kids. Our neighborhood is full of kids in the parks and he always receives lots of pets. Duncan has also traveled with us and loves to hike and be outdoors. He loves hiking at The Shawnee National Forest and sleeping in a cabin in the woods.

Our Parenting Philosophy & Childcare Plan

Whether it is governing our own lives or the life of our child, we believe that each person has their own gifts to share with others on the planet. We feel it is important to incorporate the child’s birth family’s traditions and culture into their upbringing. That requires us to not conform to a set mold defined by the world around us, but simply be ourselves.

Although our work is engaging and enjoyable, once we welcome our baby, Allie plans on leaving the workforce to focus on raising our child. This will not only give us flexibility to care for our child without the constraints of a 9-5 job, but also provide for consistent family attention. We truly look forward to deepening our relationship within our home community with other parents who have chosen this path in life since we live in a very family friendly neighborhood. Allie looks forward to taking day trips to local museums, enrichment classes, and playtime at parks. This is something I could not do if I were working and know it is a luxury I greatly look forward to once we welcome our new baby. Together, we will raise our child with a lifelong curiosity and desire to help build the community around them.

Our Home, Neighborhood & Community

We are anchored in Chicago and embrace our Latin-Polish-German fused neighborhood on the northwest side of Chicago. Our shared Catholic faith and interest in Spanish connect us to our community, with our Spanish speaking church just steps from our home. We are both practicing Catholics, and have found new diverse communities to share our faith. Having a diverse community is important to us. In addition to religious institutions, our neighborhood connects children with diverse cultures around the globe with our local bilingual school. Not only do we seek a school that will enrich our child with different cultures and traditions, we want to instill that same global connection in our own household. As lifelong learners, we take Spanish lessons together, and hope to connect in a deeper way to our bilingual Chicago neighborhood. Whether it’s our shared faith or our love for education, we chose diversity at the heart of our neighborhood to orient our life and build a future together. Our dog, Duncan, is a key component of that, following us wherever we go! We love our neighborhood because of the many outdoor activity options right out our front door; in addition to a hiking/bike trail, we also have a big city park containing a huge field with a baseball diamond, a large outdoor pool, a field house, and an extensive playground only a stone's throw away. The same spirit that guides our interest in nonprofits also comes from our faith, and we have a personal pledge to give back to the most vulnerable communities in Chicago.

Fun Facts

"Allie & Kevin" Family Photos

  • Allie with her brother and nephew
  • Allie with her parents in Chicago
  • Kevin’s parents
  • Kevin’s sister and Kevin at Christmas
  • Allie, Kevin and their dog Duncan
  • Kevin visiting the desert
  • Allie hiking with Duncan leading the way
  • Allie cooking one of her delicious pizzas
  • Animals are fun to meet while traveling
  • Allie and Kevin find an abandoned railway tunnel
  • Skiing is a pastime of ours, especially in Canada
  • Allie hiking in the mountains of California
  • Duncan is a certified, trained dog!
  • Allie and Kevin’s family at their wedding
  • Allie baking her Red Hound Pie
  • Our city garden growing our own vegetables
  • Kevin in the Philippines helping the community
  • Allie volunteering with SitStayRead
  • Kevin visiting Tulum, Mexico with friends
  • Allie with her girlfriends from high school

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